Friday, October 26, 2007

Brushes on a Budget...

Buying makeup brushes can be overwhelming at times. You go to the counter and they've got a different brush for everything, by the time you've bought three of them you're already out $100 or so! Well rest assured my budgeting Betties, I have a solution for you!

Walgreens, yes I said it, drugstore makeup brushes. It's my little secret, but I'm feeling nice and sharing it with you. My favorite is the Foundation and Conceal Brush (seen to the left). You get a flawless result by smoothing on your cream or liquid foundations all over the face, you can even get into the little nooks and crannies by flipping it around and using the conceal side. It's easy to clean with a little brush cleaner or even just some baby shampoo. The best part .... it's only $9.99!!

This line is called "Perfection" there is also another one called "Salon Collection". The powder and blush brushes are surprisingly soft and the selection of eye and lip brushes is quite extensive.

Trust me, I have my fair share of pricey brushes, and yes they are amazing. I recommend investing in one here and there. It will be worth it in the long run. But if you're just starting out, this is a great way to add to your collection without breaking the bank!

Hot Product Alert!

For those gals on the go this is the perfect minute makeover! Keep that healthy glow through the winter months with 'Guerlain Terracotta Spray.' It's so easy and quick!

I was browsing through Sephora and was intrigued by this airbrush in a bottle technique. I've seen it done before and have never liked the results, but let me tell you this is fabulous!

It has the effect of a bronzer and comes out in a very light mist. It's very hard to mess up, just hold about 6 inches away from the face and spray in a circular motion. Then to top it off spray a little extra on the cheek bones for extra definition and glow. Be sure to apply before you dress! You don't want to bronze anything other than your beautiful skin. This is not a self tanner, so if you over apply just wash it off and try again!

It's available in two shades (light and medium), each bottle contains about 130 applications, and an added bonus is that it is SPF 10. So you will be looking sun kissed without the sun damage. If you are planning on being outside I recommend putting on a higher SPF underneath, we all know that SPF10 isn't going to block all of those devil rays!

Stay tuned for more Hot Products and Makeup Tips!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Making it while Making Up...

The dream of becoming a professional makeup artist is becoming much more prevalent these days. Many people see all the glitz and glam, and think it's all about playing around with glitters and gloss. Then, BAM you're making the big bucks! Not so fast my friend!
Let me tell you, you can get there, but you're going to have to work hard. Starting out is difficult, there is a lot of dirty work, and those big bucks will seem miles away. I am still on my way, but have accomplished a lot in a small amount of time. I have some tips for you ambitious artists, hopefully they will help you on your way to stardom!

1. Education:
There are many options when looking for a school. There are workshops that run from a couple days to a couple weeks (which is what I did), and there are those that are a bigger commitment that are generally a couple months or so. I completely recommend both, it depends on how much knowledge you are starting with. If you're already pretty good but want to refine those skills then the workshops may be good for you. But if you are starting from scratch then I highly recommend the more thorough schooling. You won't want to leave any area of makeup out. The more you know, the more jobs you can book, hence more money$$!

b.If you are in Florida I recommend The International Makeup Career Center, by The Make Up Store. I freelance for them and the products are amazing! You can check them out at
Research online and you will find that there are many options close to where ever you may be located.

c. Take the time to learn about hair as well! I have learned by experience at this point, but I wish I had done some schooling in the beginning. It would have made my life easier and made me more marketable. On the bigger shoots there will most likely be a hair stylist and a makeup artist. But in general you will be expected to do both.

2.Start Calling Yourself a Makeup Artist!

Get yourself some business cards! You don't have to make them all fancy. Just make sure you have your name, number, email, and of course have it state that you are a makeup artist. Pass these around as much as you can!

b. The second you have the skills start marketing yourself. This business is all about self promotion. When you are starting out you have to hustle. There will be a lot of foot work involved. Going around to agencies and offering free testing, and hitting up fashion events is crucial. Keep in mind that your appearance is also important. If you want people to trust you with their looks, you can't be looking a mess!!

3. Build your book and your resume!

Once you have met up with the agencies and photographers you can start 'testing'. This is when you set up photo shoots that benefit everyone's portfolios. At first you may be asked to do this for free to prove yourself. But you may want to set a limit, like I will do three free shoots then you have to start paying me $75 per girl. Or whatever you think is fair. Eventually that rate can go up, but that comes with experience. You don't want to over price or under price yourself.

Assist successful makeup artists. This is where I have learned the most. You will learn more about 'set etiquette' and tricks of the trade. The more you assist the more people in the industry will start recognizing and trusting you.

c.Like I said in the modeling post, promoting yourself online is also beneficial. Set up a myspace page for your makeup work, go on, etc. But again, BE VERY CAREFUL of who you meet up with!

I hope that these starting out tips are helpful to you. From here you just have to keep pushing yourself to get out there. Read a lot of magazines to keep current on trends, and practice them all the time to stay inspired. Don't let anything get in the way of your dreams! Sometimes you may feel discouraged, I know I have, but just remember that this is makeup not brain surgery! Have fun!

Monday, October 15, 2007

So you want to be a model?

It is quite often that I get asked the question; "I want to be a model, how do I get started?" I have a few steps that will hopefully be helpful to all you aspiring angels.

1. Find your market:
a. There are many places to fit in for a model in this industry. You don't always have to be 5'11" and stick thin. Although there is plenty of work for those of you who are. There is commercial, fashion, glamor, fitness,beauty, and even parts modeling.
b. 'Commercial' is a category that many people can fall into. Think about it, advertising is very broad. So if you think your face could sell a bag of chips then this may be for you!
c. 'Fashion' is what most people think of when 'model' comes to mind. These are the tall gazelles that prance along the runways. If you are 5'9" and up this could be for you. On occasion you can be shorter and be very successful, you just have to have everything else to make up for it. Also, don't think you have to be stick thin to fit in! Plus size models are making a come back!
d. 'Glamor' is for those of you that are a little sexy by nature. For this you must have curves in all the right places, natural or not. ;-) Examples of where this may take you is Maxim, Playboy, Stuff, FHM, etc. You would most likely also fall into swim wear modeling.
e. 'Fitness' models certainly work hard for their money. Days in the gym are required here! A toned physique is what will get you booked. Examples of where you may show up, Fitness RX, Shape, Muscle and Fitness, etc.
f. 'Beauty' models are either blessed with pore-less perfection or have fantastic dermatologists behind their fabulousness. This where the cameras get up close and personal with your pretty grill. These are the girls that you see in makeup and skincare ads. You never know, you could be the next face of Cover Girl!
g. Last but not least 'Parts' modeling, is for those of you who have always been complimented on those pretty piggies, or lovely limbs of yours. This section is endless, if there is one part of you that you think is exceptional then get it photographed and shake that money maker!
h. If you are one of those genetically gifted individuals that seems to fit into all of these categories, then you go girl! Strive for supermodel status!

2. Get some professional pictures!
a. Google photographers in your area and study their sites, rates, and legitimacy.
b. Of course, I recommend hiring a makeup artist, it will make all the difference I promise!
c. If you don't think you will have the funds to put this together, then skip ahead to step three. Sometimes agents will take you under their wing and get you a test shoot with a photographer.

3. Start researching agencies in your state:
a. If you happen to live in a small town, you aren't out of luck. Just look in the biggest city near you. If they like you enough they will book you from where ever you are.
b. You can either send in your pictures by email, or call and set up a meeting. I recommend the meeting, both you and the agent will have a better idea if it's going to be a good fit for you.

4. Promote yourself online:
a. The modeling industry is a whole new ball game now that the internet has stepped in. Self promotion is very popular when starting out. There are many websites that cater to modeling (, One Model Place,, etc). You will never be able to book the big jobs from here. But it may help get you a little more experience and meet local photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion stylists, and of course other models.
b. Be very careful of who you connect with online. There are many fakes and creeps that lurk online, especially where there are pretty girls. If you ever decide to go on a shoot with someone you meet online ALWAYS bring a parent, boyfriend, or trusted friend! This is very important! Safety comes first, and remember if something sounds too good to be true it probably is.

The modeling industry can be a very fun and profitable way of life. But it can also be a very unforgiving and tough place to put yourself. Just remember to never take ANYTHING personally! Just because you don't book something doesn't mean that you aren't pretty enough, or skinny enough. They are always looking for something different, so keep your head up and enjoy yourself! I always say, if it starts to cause you more pain then pleasure then it's time to move on.