Friday, March 27, 2009

My Makeup Studio in SOBE CALM!! Come See!

Finally I have a little studio in South Beach! It's in a wonderful private spa/wellness center called SOBE CALM. It's a very homey and calm environment where people can come and get beautified from head to toe!
Come in for the works...
Do a private pilates lesson with a pro, then get a fantastic facial from Tatum Fritts (skin specialist extraordinaire), a massage that will change your outlook on life, a mani/pedi from the famous Tuka, a beautiful new hair do, and then of course the icing on the cake... Magnificent Makeup by Me!
We are making a valiant effort to be clean, green, tree hugging mamas, so come on in and learn how you too can start to detoxify your life!

Sobe Calm, be beautiful, be healthy, be you.

Location: 1301 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Call for appointments: 305 531 5994
To reach me directly for makeup appointments call:305 484 0478

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easy on the Eyes

making eyes easy...

To my surprise she really brought the goods with her makeup line, from quality of the products to the sexy packaging. I haven't gotten a chance to try everything in the line, but one thing that I bought and love are her "True Romance" eye shadow palettes. I got both 'Ludwig' (warm earthy tones) and 'Beethoven' (icy cool tones). The shadows have great pigment, go on smooth, and have nice staying power. Both palettes have 8 shades, giving you all that you need to create any look no matter what time of day or outfit you're rockin'.

Of course I have about a gazillion different shadows and love them all for different reasons. But these are now what I reach for when I'm about to hit the road. They really consolidate my travel kit, and for someone who is a chronic over-packer that is a Huge deal!

sold at sephora...


"The Sensual Skin Enhancer"

I am not often impressed when it comes to foundations and concealers. There seems to always be something wrong... not enough coverage... good coverage but too greasy or cakey.. bad color choices, etc.
But I must say that this one is different! A silky smooth result that will cover all blemishes and discolorations! I swear I heard angels sing when I first pressed this product to my face.
No it is not cheap.. at $45 for .63oz pot. But you are paying for quality with this one. The beautiful thing is, a little goes a long way. I swear, a dab will do ya with this creamy concoction. You can just concentrate it in the areas it's needed most, and then blend outward around the rest of your face. Just dust a loose powder on top and you're instantly flawless and fabulous. With the 12 shades that he created you are sure to find the perfect fit.

--can be found at

Happy Shopping!

Runway Inspiration: "It's big, it's bold, it's a Blast from the Past"


Yes these looks are a bit extreme for the average gal, but if you want to take runway to the real way take it down a notch... or a few notches.

To bring this 60's/70's inspiration to your personal beauty routine you could start with LASHES!

They are always a sure bet to make your eyes look big and beautiful. And no.. it's not just for the pro's. Go to your local Walgreens or CVS and you will find a ton of options in the beauty section. Usually they're next to the nail stuff. To get the full effect I recommend going with the strip lashes, my personal favorites are #117, #45, #110, and #105. But if you want something a little more natural go with #53 which is a more like a "demi lash" which means it is smaller in length. So on those who have big eyes it will start in the middle of the lash and just lengthen the outer corners of your lashes, opening the eyes up and out. If you have smaller eyes then these are a good fit for the entire lash. Where as if you used the other styles you would most likely have to trim them to fit. If you don't trim you risk it looking messy and poking you in the eye which isn't fun for anyone. Make sure you pick up some lash glue as well and then follow these easy steps.
(side note: using a magnifying mirror is a big help)


1. Carefully take the lashes out of the container. They are delicate, and if you pull too hard you can damage the structure of the lash which will make it look bizarre.

2. Make sure you put on your mascara and some eye liner at the base of your lashes. This will help them blend.

3. Hold the glue free lash up to your eye to see where you want it to go and to see if you need to trim the ends at all.

4. Squeeze some lash glue on your hand or a pallette. Then take the back of a makeup brush or tweezers, dip that into the glue and then smooth a thin layer of glue along the entire strip of the lash.

5. While looking in the mirror lift up your chin and look down to the mirror, giving you a better view of your lash line. Holding the strip from the middle and on the tips of the lash, lay the lash right at the base of your natural lash line. Secure the middle first, then let go and go back to push the rest of the strip down.

6. Wait a few minutes for it to dry ( it will go from white to clear). Then add another coat of mascara and more liner to make it blend, and to pop the eyes even more!

In addition to the lashes you can add some color to your eyes to continue this vintage look. Think fun and flirty spring hues, like pinks and greens. To compliment those big bambi eyes a glossy lip is always key. Also pump up the volume with your hair, use big rollers after you blow it out, then do a little teasing at the root on the top of your scalp. Brush it back, spray some volumizing hair spray, and voila! Your are instantly a sexy siren right out of a bond movie!