Monday, April 26, 2010

Thirsty Face?

Is your skin parched, flaky,wrinkled, chapped, dull, etc??   I could go on but I think you get the drift...
Give it a big thirst quenching drink with my new favorite mask from the Olay Professional ProX line.  The 'Intensive Treatment Mask' is truly amazing.  There is actually the product amount of a full size moisturizer in one mask packet. I've started doing it every Monday to start the week right, and  rehydrate after whatever damages have been done over the weekend. I can literally feel my skin sucking in the serum and saying "thank you!"  It makes my skin look supple, dewy, and fresh in only 10-15 min of sitting with the gooey slippery cloth mask on my face.  Yes, when it's on you sort of look like a Mexican wrestler, but once it's off you look like you just came from a spa weekend at Canyon Ranch.
 Each set comes with 5 masks, if you are looking for some quick anti aging results do all 5 in a row to turn back time. Since I'm still 26 I am using it more for a maintenance tool. So I use it once a week, also I'm on a budget so I try to stretch it out.  Although I may try the 5 in a row soon just cause I love the feel of it that much.  I am even going to start using it on my clients that have dry skin before I do their makeup cause it preps the skin unlike anything I've seen before.

It's easily accesible, you can find it at Target, CVS, or anywhere else that you would find your usual Olay products.  It is $69 for the set of 5, so it's not exactly cheap, but definitely worth it and beats out the comparable product lines who's similar mask treatments range from $140 and up.
  Here's how you use it:
 Remember to make use of all the product provided, after you're done with the mask, squeeze out the remaining serum in the packet and rub it into your neck and chest and wherever else you feel needs a little extra lift and hydration. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Get Ready for a TAN-talizing Summer

Every girl knows that the most coveted beauty essential for summer is a gorgeous bronzed glow. But who wants to deal with the all the damages that the sun will cause to your skin? Certainly not me.. I plan on keeping my skin baby soft and wrinkle free.  So when your covered by SPF70, hats and umbrellas how is a girl supposed to get that natural sun kissed look?
Being a naturally pasty pale type, I have done my fair share of bronzing research and trials.  After experiencing the good the bad and the seriously ugly, I have come out with a few wonderful products that I just could not fathom baring my bikini body without.


Get all the color without having shimmer all over your face... don't get me wrong I love shimmer, but it has to be placed wisely or you'll just look like a shiny mess.
An all natural favorite that looks and feels great on your skin. The two toned compact gives you the color and the gold shimmer to create the perfect healthy glow.

So incredibly natural and easy! A very light weight mist that goes on light, dries quick, and actually smells good too! Gives a very natural glow, you can control how dark you want to go by just adding more. 

A drugstore favorite that doesn't disappoint. Just use it in place of your moisturizer after the shower and you'll be glowing in no time! Also has vitamin E in it to keep your skin nice and smooth. 

A good for you glow that is packed with their t5 fruit complex, a potent antioxidant blend that restores and refines your skin with each application. This glow really works from the outside in and the inside out! 
Great color with no commitment, washes off with soap and water but won't rub off on clothes once you rub it in to your skin.  

There you go! Now you have no excuse for frying your skin under the summer sun!

Friday, January 8, 2010


The Holidays are all about indulgence. Whether you're digging into your favorite family recipes or curling up in a new cashmere robe and shearling slippers.  Over this holiday season I came across my new favorite indulgence, and you don't need to hit the gym after this one!
Cle De Peau Refining Fluid Foundation is a luxurious treat for your face. After smoothing this across my skin I knew it was going to be love at first application. My skin was soft and radiant, not only does it cover nicely, but it has 24spf and even shrinks your pores. All in all it is pretty close to the perfect daily foundation.  But at the $118 price point, I had slight hesitation to welcome it into my everyday routine. Once I ran out of my sample I came to the realization that there would be no living without the glowing fresh face that it helped me create. I decided that this would be my gift to myself, my little holiday indulgence.
So go ahead Treat Yourself, your skin deserves it! Start the New Year with a fresh face that will have everyone saying "Wow what do you do for your skin? It's Perfect!"

A liquid treatment foundation for any skin type provides medium coverage with a flawless, radiant finish as if the quality of the skin has improved.

• Advanced Hydro-Sensing Polymer technology adjusts to surrounding humidity levels to provide dewy moisture, a feeling of resilience and a sumptuous experience.
• Instantly, easily melts into skin upon application with a hydrating texture like a beauty serum.
• Retains a beautiful luminous finish, filled with dewy luster.
• Achieves vibrant, translucent skin by minimizing the look of sagging and dullness.
• Hydro-Sensing Polymer forms a moisture veil to counteract dryness and increase moisture retention.
• Treatment Lucent Powder provides a satin sheen while covering dullness, spots and other skin concerns.
• Spectrum Control Powder provides a natural looking vibrant complexion under any kind of light source.
• Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective sunscreen against UV rays.
• Contains SPF 24.

( I am fair, and I use the color O10, but I also bought O30 so I can mix it in when I get a spray tan. I also wanted to be able to use it on special clients so I needed some color diversity.)