Sunday, April 29, 2012

DIY Printed Cut-Offs

Repurpose an old pair of jeans and get a great addition to your Spring/Summer wardrobe!

So I came across an old pair of jeans that from high school that were a horribly unflattering cut, so I decided to make them into shorts.  I have done this with quite a few oldies and have plenty of plain jean cut-offs so this time I wanted to do something a little different.  With printed denim being all the rage this season I figured I would try a little experiment to make a print of my own.  I have to say I was pretty pleased with my results!  The process was quick and easy and made for a perfect project for a rainy sunday afternoon.  

What You'll Need:
Plastic Gloves
Plastic Cup
Paint Brush
Water Source
Washer & Dryer

*Cut the jeans to the desired length, keep in mind that after you wash them the fray will rise and they will shorten a little bit.

*Draw the desired pattern onto the shorts lightly with a pen (optional). If you need ideas for patterns, google tribal patterns or printed denim and you will find plenty of inspiration.  

* Choose a place to set up your bleaching station. You'll need a flat surface that is near a water source. I used a bath tub, you could also do it near a sink or outside by a hose just lay out a garbage bag under the shorts to protect the surface.  

*  Wet the shorts so that they are damp not soaked, Put on the gloves, and pour the bleach into the plastic cup.

*Dip the paint brush into the bleach and begin to paint on your pattern.  If you are working with a thin denim you may want to keep a plastic bag inside the shorts to prevent the bleach from bleeding through to the other side.  

*Your pattern will start to show in a few minutes and will keep lightening the longer it is left on. Go back over any areas that don't get as light as you wanted.

*Once you have finished both sides and it has lightened to your liking, rinse off the shorts in the water.

*Now all you have to do is wash, dry and wear! 
(probably best to wash them solo the first time so that any extra bleach doesn't get on other items)

Have fun and wear them well! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012