Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pretty Sweaty

   The road to pretty isn't just about powder puffs and lip gloss. Although, I sure wish it was that easy! Recently I've sort of had a fitness awakening,  and wanted to share what it was that got me here.

    I have been aware of my physical fitness since a very young age, always active with horse riding and tennis after school. Then in high school and college I took to weight training in the gym. I got bored with it and it always seemed like a chore so I gave up for a while. That lead to a quick freshman 15 and ever since I have been on a constant mission to find a routine that works for my lifestyle. I've tried just about everything from running, to spinning, yoga, pilates, gyrotonics, and even pole fitness! So as you can see I love trying new and fun ways to break a sweat and tone up.  But with all this bouncing around (so to speak) from one thing to another I never really fully committed myself to a really good balanced routine.  Whether I blame my hectic and inconsistent work schedule, the toll that the memberships were taking on my bank account, or my mild case of ADD, there was always something in the way of keeping a consistent effective routine.  That is until now....

  It all started one lazy sunday morning when a screaming voice on an infomercial woke me out of my mid morning nap, "Dig Deeper!! Come on Y'all!" Little did I realize that I would soon be hearing those words daily for the next two months.  It was the voice of Shaun T, the energizer bunny of celebrity trainers. The man behind the at home workout that has inspired 100's of thousands to dig deep and get in the best shape of their lives, "INSANITY".  

   My husband and I watched the crazy people jumping up and down, drowning in sweat and laughed... "that looks crazy... we should do it... haha.. ya right.." But then something in me said, why not? We are young and healthy and should be in the best shape of our lives. We were both thin by society's standards, and looked good enough in our clothes, so it was easy to brush it off and not care about being in shape.  But I hated being out of breath after running up stairs or struggling to lift my always over weight suitcases.  Next thing I knew I was online at and I impulsively ordered the program!

    I never really thought about at home workout videos before,  I didn't think that I would be able to stay motivated without other people around to answer to.  But I think that changing that one thing in my mind is what has made the most difference.  Fitness isn't about answering to anyone else. It's all about you, and once you have set your personal goals, you only have to answer to yourself. If you give up or don't push yourself hard, then you're only cheating yourself.

Here is a picture of my before on day 1... and then my progress after 1 month (day 30):

   I am now on DAY 53 out of the 63 days of INSANITY! I am feeling strong and motivated and it is definitely starting to show.  More than the change on my exterior, I am thrilled with the change in my mental approach to health and fitness.  I now eat to fuel my body, I crave healthy balanced meals that will make my next workout better than the last.  I am more aware and in touch with my body than ever before.  I am positive now that even when I reach day 63 and complete this program that it will not end there.  I am now addicted to feeling this way and will continue these videos along with possibly trying some other programs. It is now a part of my daily life and I hope to inspire others to make it part of theirs as well.  I decided to write about this just to share my latest ' favorite beauty trick.'  It's not a quick fix, but it is effective... and I promise you that if you commit to something like this you will be more radiant and have a glow that not even my trusty Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick can provide!!

 From here on out I will post more about my progress and fitness and diet tips and tricks, because as we all know but sometimes forget, true beauty starts from within! i said before... the road to pretty is more than powder puffs and gloss... when you're face is bright red and sweat is dripping off your nose you may feel more beautiful than ever. :) 

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